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Heya Gorgeous ~

If you’re like most women, (myself included) you probably didn’t know that starting your business was signing you up for real deal personal development.

Leadership calls on you to own and heal the parts of yourself you’d rather keep hidden.

You have a big heart, huge dreams and know you’re capable of your desires.

And yet, you’re now fully aware how your past pains, trauma responses and limiting beliefs are keeping you stuck in patterns you’ve long since outgrown. 

Those patterns and relationships are whats keeping you from making more money, honey.

And you’re ready damn it! You’re ready to embody the future you, the Sexy Rich Bitch version of you now. You know she’s inside of you, she’s itching to be unleashed. Now. Not 5 or 10 years from now

You know ~ the version of you that feels free in her finances and her self expression. The one who gets to live where-ever she wants, travels often, brags about the hot sex she has and owns that she can create money on her terms.

Her. That girl.

She wants to be Set Free.

I want to Set Her Free and so do You.

My passion and zone of genius is helping women do just that.

I help women Embody their Freedom ~ around their body and their bank account ~ with pleasure of course!

More specifically I guide women through emotional mastery and somatic releasing of held trauma so they can experience real freedom. 

You learn how to release the codependency and dysfunction around our sexuality and finances.

You wont find a lot of coaches addressing this. Its the thing the industry isn’t acknowledging, yet its the big pink elephant in every coaching container.

I teach you somatic practices to help you hold your emotions and heal foundationally so that you create more cash ~ because the two are 100% connected.

When you feel safe and are in a pleasure state in your body about yourself and your  finances you ACT differently than someone who is in survival mode about money.

At the core of my work I help women reparent their inner child, release held trauma and move big emotions so that you can infuse pleasure, freedom and real safety into your body so you can make more money, have better sex and feel that trust & joy aka your freedom state.. 

The thing that business and money mindset coaches are missing the mark on is your trauma and feeling states. Further more, they are usually not educated or equipped to hold you in that space.

They’ll tell you to do mindset (and yes you need that too) however if you don’t FEEL trust, pleasure or freedom in what you’re doing because of past pain, self doubt or physical reactions you’ll go through course after course, coach after coach and not get the results you crave because you’ll still be in the same survival responses.

When you come home to yourself, to your truth, you set yourself free. To make more money, to have better sex, to be that Sexy Rich B*tch version of yourself

If she is ready ~ I have two ways you can work with me 1×1. 

6 Months Coaching Container: You ~ Me ~ Setting you Free.

This is an intimate, high level container for those who are ready to get the support, accountability and transformation required to create an inner foundation of freedom in your life, sensuality, business and finances.

This is an investment ~ it is by no means an insignificant amount ~ for perspective it is also 15+ years and $100K+ of my own time, money, life experiences and personal development that you’re getting downloaded to you for 1/100 of the time and money.

This coaching container is right for you if you’re an energetic match for the investment and ready to claim your joy & somatically release held trauma so that you can embody the freedom you deeply desire and stop letting money be the deciding factor for your dreams (and in return make more money with pleasure)

What you can expect:

  • 6 months of 1×1 support, accountability and somatic practices to release held trauma to reframe your relationship to money, your sensuality or business that will transform you
  • To learn how to live life with Pleasure and Desire as your Compass 
  • 6 months of Sacred space to move through your feelings and fears to face them head on and release them so that you can allow yourself to receive more money 
  • “Years of therapy in one session”. Nearly all of my clients have said they get more out of one session with me than years in therapy and its because we hold space for your emotions and then use somatic practices to release held trauma which create transformational shifts for you
  • You take your power back for real and no longer make money your “source” 
  • The trauma informed support, accountability and pleasure compass that is essential to birthing your magic into the world

 Core Logistics: 

  • 6 Months of One to One Coaching with Nicole
  • 3 – One hour Calls Per Month (3 weeks on – 1 week off to digest) 
  • Monday – Friday Voxer access for support
  • Access to 1 pre-recorded online Program that Nicole offers to support your unique needs
  • 1 Free ticket to the LIVE Group Course that Nicole offers during your coaching container
Investment for the 6 month coaching container: $9,500 pay in Full ~ 

Payment plan options – 

3 payments at $3,333 or

6 months at $1,667 per month or

9 months at $1,111 per month

New to Nicole or looking for a smaller commitment?

3 Month Coaching Container with Nicole ~ (all of the above yet its a shorter time and slightly different) here’s what’s included:

  • 2 – Two 1 hour calls per month with Nicole (calls every other week)
  • 90 days of focused accountability, support and freedom embodiment to heal your relationship to money so that you can make more from a place of trust and ease. We talk pleasure, money, business and sex – you get to lead what you want to focus on.
  • Voxer Support Monday – Friday for questions, support and encouragement 
  • Access to one pre-recorded online program of your choice (that Nicole offers)

Investment for 3 months: $2997 pay in full 

Payment Plan option for 3 monthly payments: 3 payments of $999

Payment Plan option for 5 monthly payments: 5 payments of $625

Disclaimer: I am not a therapist and don’t work with fresh traumatic experiences. If you recently experienced a traumatic event I can work alongside a trained Therapist to support you.

My training is Trauma Informed Coaching, Inner Child Reparenting, Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher training and Somatic (body) Trauma release practices

There are different categories of trauma. Ultimately, trauma is the dysregulation of your nervous system after a shocking event. (This can be emotionally, mentally, physically, sexually, spiritually.)

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