Healing-Coaching with Nicole Syverson

Hey Gorgeous ~

First and foremost welcome and I want to celebrate you being here.  You’re the woman who’s done it all and you’ve done it really well. You’re a high achiever, well educated and have earned your way.

You’ve done all the things you’re “supposed to do” in life, you went to college, created your career, got married or are partnered, worked your ass off and self sacrificed to the extent that you lost yourself along the way. You often feel like a fake, like a shell of yourself rather than fully alive, expressed and integrated. 

You know deep down that you’re keeping your real self locked up behind closed doors. You have grit and put on a smile for business and your family yet when you’re alone in the bath or go for a walk alone you notice it’s the only time you’re really yourself. And it feels more like fleeting moments that your true self comes through rather than how you live your life.

The longer you go hiding parts of yourself, turning off your desires and closing off your sensuality over time it starts to feel like death of a thousand cuts. It becomes harder and harder to access your true self  – your intuition – your pleasure – or your truth. 

You had to turn off your femininity in order to “make it”, to be professional or be a “good girl” or mom to fit into your family’s or society’s expectations. It’s disconnected you from feeling like your authentic self, it’s also affected your intimacy and sensuality with yourself, in your relationships and your ability to speak your truth. 

Here is what you can expected from doing my My Signature Method: Unleash your True Self:

  • Emotional support to heal what has kept you stuck so that you can finally own your worth. 
  • You will receive two supplements to help replenish vital minerals to your body to facilitate optimal mental/emotional states.
  • You will experience safe space for yourself to unfold: to explore your emotions, desires and your pleasure 
  • Learn how to reconnect with nature to bring your senses back online, reconnect to yourself and destress 
  • To show up as the real you without feeling like you have to wear a persona or mask ~
  • Be clear in your own voice and say what you really want to say, ask for what you want and get it.
  • You will own it to your core that you matter, you are worthy, you are good enough for everything you desire in life.  
  • Learn to allow and embrace your unique personality to radiate the vibrant magnetic force that you are. 
  • Attune to your inner faith and heart so that you trust that you will always get what you really want out of life
  • Create real confidence and deeper intimacy in yourself, your voice and your sensuality

INtroducing: Unleash Your True Self Signature Healing Package 




How different would your life be if in 6 months or less you were able to own who you are so fully that when you go online or walk into rooms ~ you radiate rather than hide or hold back.

To know how to trust your heart and boldly show up as your authentic self and say what you really want to say in public or in the bedroom. 

To access your magnetic energy by being more YOU. 

The more you express your true self the more allure you create in your life, your relationships and business.

The inner confidence you seek is already within you. It’s the truth that lives in your sensual body. She’s been waiting for you to unleash her so that you can radiate and show up as the real YOU. 


Unlock your Voice. Unleash your Truth. Reconnect to Nature. Embody your sensual feminine power to activate real confidence so that you can be authentically you, speak your truth and feel magnetic in your body


Together we will have 6 months to radically elevate your confidence and fundamentally change your relationship to yourself, your body and your sensuality so that you can own your authentic self and voice, reclaim your sacred sensuality so you can have more fun and embody feeling freedom being fully YOU again.


What’s included in Unleash Your True Self ~ 6 Month Package

  • First session is 1.5 hours to set the stage for our time together, connect and go over your welcome packet
  • 3 calls a month – each session is 1 hour 
  • Voxer (or whats-app) Support during the Week – Monday through Friday to ask questions, celebrate wins, updates or get support on where you may feel stuck
  • You will be gifted access to my pre-recorded Fierce AF Online Course as a Bonus supplement. (It is an online empowerment course on love, money and sex) 
  • 2 Supplements to Replenish minerals to your gut / body
  • You will receive a surprise in the mail shortly after payment / sign up  

Investment for 6 month at home inner healing retreat: $5100  
If you’d prefer to pay in full you pay $4500.00 USD

Payment plan options – 

3 payments at $1700

6 months at $850 per month or

9 months at $575 per month 

Set the Foundation to Unleash Your True Self ~ 8 Week Activation  
8 Sessions to Reconnect to and Unleash your True Self  

Ready for transformation? You want something to help you connect to yourself more deeply ~ something like an inner retreat without the large groups of people or the hippie atmosphere. 

This 8 week container is designed to teach you how to release stress, reconnect to your authentic self and reclaim your relationship to your sensual feminine body. To finally feel the sense of coming home to yourself. Together we set the foundation for your real self to step through. You will also learn how to use Nature to heal and reconnect to your body.

No annoying group dynamics. No having to show up for half day or all day trainings or events. No having to hold back the things you really want to get off your chest because you’re surrounded by strangers and aren’t sure they can keep the confidentiality. This is 8 weeks for you and Nicole to dive in to the core of what really matters to you and give your heart the space and support it needs to release the things that have kept it closed off. 

You will feel revived, refreshed, reignited and fully integrated as the REAL YOU.

What’s included in Set the Foundation ~ Unleash Your True Self at Home Retreat
8 weeks to Unleash your Authentic Self: 
  • 8 Weekly 45 minute calls with Nicole for 10 consecutive weeks (each call is 45 minutes in length)
  • Voxer Access (or whats app) Support during your retreat  
  • You will receive a surprise in the mail after payment/sign up 
  • You will also be gifted access to Nicole’s pre-recorded Fierce AF Online Course as a Bonus supplement. (It is an online empowerment course on love, money and sex it is valued at $997 USD) 
 Investment for 8 week HEALING INTENSIVE is $1500 USD


Disclaimer: I am not a therapist or a medical doctor. If you need immediate care or have experienced a traumatic event please call 911 or use betterhelp.com for support. My coaching practice is Trauma Informed Coaching and body work practices. I use Inner Child Reparenting, Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher training and Somatic (body) Trauma release practices to help release stored stress from the body. Trauma is the stored dysregulation of your nervous system after a shocking event. (This can be emotionally, mentally, physically, sexually, spiritually.) In our work together you will learn tools to help release stored stress and mindset hacks to help you come back to who you really are at your core. To unleash your true self and reclaim your connection to your sacred sensuality. 

Women’s Sexual Wellbeing Disclaimer: I understand this is a sensitive topic and that most women keep this hidden because it’s painful (sometimes feels shameful) to talk about. It’s also possible that something happened to you that was sexually inappropriate in college, the workspace or something that has affected your sexual health which caused you to shut down sensually like an abortion or chronic pain from something like Endometriosis. This can range from abuse, assault, miscarriages, inappropriate or unwanted touch or attention or health issues. Yet this is something most women downplay and rarely understand how it has kept them shut down or in hiding let alone wanting to talk about it. It’s one of the things that we learned to keep a secret to self protect. Yet when it goes un-healed – it’s also where we turn off and stay hidden and it affects other areas of your life. 

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