1:1 Guidance with Nicole Syverson

Its time to get Unfiltered to Unleash your True Self
Create Real Confidence. Feel happier. Speak your Truth. Fall in love with yourself and your life.

Here is what you can expect to experience from Nicole’s programs:

  • Practical, Science based tools to regulate your nervous system so that you can build real confidence and show up as the real you.
  • Freedom: To be your true self and have more fun while you actualize your big dreams and desires. 
  • Sacred safe space: Emotionally heal what has kept you stuck – no forcing, no rushing, no pushing – learn to honor your truths. 
  • Sensual Revival: Re-wild yourself by connecting to your senses and nature to bring yourself back to life 
  • Envisioning: Quantum Leap with feeling based mindset hacks to show up as the highest version of yourself and actualize your deepest desires. 
  • Voice Healing Activation: Learn to speak from your heart. Say what you really want to say, ask for what you want in life
  • Embodiment: You will own that you matter, you are worthy and you are good enough to have everything you desire in life.  
  • Trust yourself: Align with your intuition so that you are actively creating what you really want in life
  • Create real confidence and a happier life
  • Total transformation to the truest version of yourself and who you want to be. 

Introducing Unleash your True Self

Create Real Confidence. Activate your Voice.  Emotional Healing. Sensual Revival. 

Be authentically you, create real confidence, speak your truth and tap back into the magic of who you really are.

Together we will have 6 months to radically elevate your confidence and fundamentally change your relationship to yourself, your body and your life. You will quite literally see and feel life differently after our time together. This is all about your having more fun and freedom in being fully expressed as the REAL YOU.

What’s included in Unleash Your True Self ~ 6 Month Package

  • First session is 1.5 hours to set the stage for our time together, connect and go over your welcome packet
  • Bi-weekly calls each month for a total of 12 sessions– each session is 1 hour
  • Voxer (or whats-app) Support during the Week – Monday through Friday to ask questions, celebrate wins, updates or get support on where you may feel stuck or need a pep talk.
  • You will be gifted access to my pre-recorded Fierce AF Online Course as a Bonus supplement. (It is an online empowerment course on love, money and sex) 
  • You will receive other bonuses and materials specific to your needs during the 6 month time together.
  • Surprise gift in the mail that is uniquely crafted for you.
  • $50 dollars of this investment will be donated to....  

Investment for 6 month at home inner healing retreat: $5100

If you’d prefer to pay in full you pay $4500.00 USD

Payment plan options: 

3 payments at $1700

6 months at $850 per month or

9 months at $575 per month 


My promise to you ~

All of my programs have an “outline” that provides structure and support however each individual session is specific to you and your needs.

These healing sessions are sacred space for you to connect back to yourself, your truth, your voice and your body so you can honor and heal the pieces of you that have kept you stuck.

As an emotional healer, body based coach and witchy intuitive my promise to you is that I will always hold sacred space for you to come home to your truth, your body and your confidence. I’m not here to tell you how to do life or who to be, I’m here to assist you in opening back up to the highest version of yourself and what is really possible for you (and help you actualize it). 

Your life path is unique. I believe there is no cookie-cutter approach to your healing or your life experiences so all of my programs honor the shit out of that and do not follow rigid rules.

You’ll not only fall in love with yourself you’ll fall in love with life again. You’ll feel more confident and excited to actualize the deepest desires of your heart.

I also honor that we are all on different paths and places on our journey. So I do offer a sliding scale for those who need it. Don’t miss out on your transformation due to fear of the investment amount. I’m here to support your next best step so if you know that one of my programs is your next step – don’t hesitate to contact me to craft an option that works for you. (and that keeps your nervous system intact) 

Disclaimer:  Nicole Syverson is not a therapist or a medical doctor. If you need immediate care or have experienced a traumatic event or are suicidal please call 911 or use betterhelp.com for mental/emotional support. Nicole Syverson’s practice is trauma informed through body work certifications, trainings and practices. In our work together you will learn tools to help release stored stress and mindset hacks to help you come back to who you really are at your core. To unleash your true self, create real confidence, fall in love with yourself and life again and become happier. Due to the nature of these programs they are non-refundable and the transformations that are experienced by Nicole Syverson’s clients are unique to them and where they’re at in life, therefore your results will be unique to you as well. (However you can expect to experience emotional healing and transformation in ways you can’t yet imagine).

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