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Hey! I'm Nicole ~

It’s a pleasure to meet you!

I know how to help you connect to your emotions, body and sensuality so that you can take back what was stolen from you so that you can finally feel confident, sexy and free in your body after trauma.

I’m a Personal Freedom Coach. I assist women like you in their emotional and sensual liberation.

I work with brilliant, beautiful, bad-ass women who’ve been weighed down by their old trauma and want to be set free. You’ve done the therapy yet you haven’t quite got your groove back after a bad break up, sexless marriage, addiction to living in your head or other traumatic experiences.(If you don’t resonate with the word trauma – just know that because you’re alive you’ve probably experienced some kind of dysregulation in your nervous system that disconnected you from your body, sensuality and pleasure).

My wish for every woman is that she knows and owns her worth, power and pleasure. That she gets to embody her pleasure and her radiance no matter what life has thrown her way.


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Because Pleasure is an inside job. Eating healthy supports your well-being!

Learn more about the power of orgasms and knowing your own body with April Davis.
Learn how to ask for what you want, how to love your Vulva and take your Pleasure back in the bedroom.

Soul Purpose Coach Keisha Delva explains the necessity of continued anti-racism work and the importance of having a community and accountability for healing racism.
She also speaks to the urgency for everyone, to not go “back to business as usual” or spiritually bypass the important issues at hand.

Join Marisa Hunter and I to talk all things Erotic Blue Prints™️ and Pleasure.
If you’ve ever felt turned off, turned down, a bit of shame or out of touch with your sexuality and or your body this is the episode for you!

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