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Hey! I'm Nicole ~

It’s a pleasure to meet you!

I’m a Healing Coach for women. I assist women like you in their emotional and sensual liberation.

I work with brilliant, beautiful, bad-ass women who’ve been weighed down by hiding their true self and are ready to set themselves free. 

Most women have learned to hide their true self and turn off their sensuality and feminity in order to survive and create success. 

Women come to me after they’ve gone through their checklist of life’s accomplishments and feel disconnected from their real self, their desires and their sense of freedom in their body. No more hiding. No more shrinking. No more people pleasing. No more wearing success as your worth.

Together we Set the foundation for your real self to step through. 

After working with me they are able to embody their authentic self and say what they want to say and be who they really want to be. These women reclaim their sacred sensuality and know how to use their pleasure as their power. 


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Better Sex & More Money Meditation

Prosperity & Pleasure is an inside job.

Learn more about the power of orgasms and knowing your own body with April Davis.
Learn how to ask for what you want, how to love your Vulva and take your Pleasure back in the bedroom.

Soul Purpose Coach Keisha Delva explains the necessity of continued anti-racism work and the importance of having a community and accountability for healing racism.
She also speaks to the urgency for everyone, to not go “back to business as usual” or spiritually bypass the important issues at hand.

Join Rachael Weaver and I to talk about using your Human Design to tap into your Authentic Magnetism and write compelling copy that converts.

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