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Hey! I’m Nicole
your Personal Freedom Coach.

I assist women in their emotional and sensual liberation.

I know how to help you connect to your emotions, body and sensuality so that you can take back what was stolen from you so that you can finally feel confident, sexy and free in your body after trauma.

Coaching with me is unique because I use a somatic (embodied) approach along with reparenting, pleasure and movement so that you get transformational results. I have a laundry list background in certifications and training. I won’t bother you with the entire list however some include: Massage therapy, Yoga, Nutrition Coaching, Martha Beck trained Life Coach and I am a trauma conscious coach.
(Important things for you to know about me. *I am not a therapist* I also cuss and use the word Pussy to help women reclaim their Fierce Feminine and only work with women who won’t be retraumatized or offended by my adult language*)

I’ve also studied with Mama Gena and learned all about how to embody pleasure and let pussy take the wheel. The work I do with you, will set you free from past pain, fear of pleasure or avoidance or being fully expressed.

Embodying your sensuality, sexuality and Feminine Power is entirely left out of most somatic and traditional therapeutic practices yet it’s where most women need to safely connect back into in order for her to feel whole, safe and free. Your emotions and your sensuality are part of your power, when you no longer avoid or hide them you reclaim your authentic self and live fully expressed. (Most coaches and therapists avoid addressing sensuality completely because it’s “taboo” yet it’s the most intimate area of every person’s life and usually the one that needs the most help).

My vision is that every woman gets to come home – to her pleasure and to herself. That she can shed the shame and break the shackles that have kept her secretly insecure, hopeless and hiding. My mission is for every woman to remember power, her pleasure, her radiance, her vitality, her worth, her sensuality so that she can have what the fuck ever she wants in her life.

That she finally owns her confidence, feels sexy af and is finally free to be her authentic magnetic self with pleasure.

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